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Changlin Xiao

  • 470 Hitchcock Hall
    2070 Neil Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210


PhD. Candidate, Civil Engineer, Ohio State University 

Work with Dr. Alper Yilmaz at Photogrammetric Computer Vision Laboratory 



Object detection and tracking; photogrammetry...... 



I am involved in two projects.

  1. Wearable navigation system for image guided cancer resection surgery(Pelatonia IDEA):

This project focus on using cameras and depth sensor to help operators to identify the cancer’s position on patient’s body. In this project, we are using camera to identify the area of cancer and using Kinect to get 3D surface of the cancer. After that, the 3D surface are transmitted to wearable device like google glass. Based on the location and view angel of the glass, a 2D surface image projected from the 3D cancer surface are displayed on the screen of the glass. Thus, help the operators to identify the cancer on patient’s body and remove them correctly.



  1. Smart cameras for 3D tracking (Trimble, inc)

This project focus on using multi-camera to identify and tracking objects in 3D space. In the project, cameras are fixed and calibrated which can be used to do the triangulation to get matched points’ 3D location. In a single camera, a drill are used as target and the top of its rotor are tracked at real time.