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Siavash HosseinyAlamdary

  • 2070 Neil Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210


Siavash Hosseinyalamdary has been working on the road traffic understanding at PCVlab, OSU, since 2013. His focus is the multiple sensors integration to estimate the dynamic of the moving objects nearby the platform and predict their trajectory, classify the moving objects, and detect the traffic lights and traffic signs on the road. In order to acheive these tasks, he apply GPS/IMU, camera, laser scanner and OpenStreetMap.

Siavash Hosseinyalamdary has finished his master of science in Geomatics from Civil engineering, OSU. He has accomplished a federal highway administration (FHWA) research project at satellite Positioning and Inertial Navigation (SPIN) lab, in collaboration with other universitis and private companies. This research resulted in a simulated network of connected vehicles on the road and investigated the accident avoidance and mitigation in connected vehicles. 



  • 2014

    Merging Images, Trajectory, and Point Clouds for 3D Object Tracking. .



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