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Ashish Gupta

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Image & Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Robotics



University of Surrey, United Kingdom
PhD, Computer Vision & Machine Learning, 2013.

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT-K) , India
Masters of Technology, Electrical Engineering, 2006.                     

University of Mumbai, India
Bachelor of Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, 2003.      


Work Experience


2016 -

Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, United States


Teaching course CE5461-Numerical methods in adjustment analysis. It includes basics of linear algebra, matrices, and statistical analysis as applied to measurement and adjustment analysis as applied to civil engineering.


2015 -

Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, United States

Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Geo-spatial localization of a visual-inertial sensor suite in outdoor and indoor environment using GIS/BIM spatial databases.
  • Social Network Analysis in video: development of video shot segmentation; face detection and recognition; graph based analysis of social network of characters in video; correlation between optical flow and other audio-visual features and interpretation of social expression.
  • Analysis of diseases in plant leaf images: image segmentation and classification applied to numerous species of plant leaves and associated diseases. Exploration of deep learning towards diseased plant tissue segmentation and recognition.
  • Generative methods in visual tracking on a UAV: Incorporation of a generative model in visual tracking.
  • Nuclear Plant personnel monitoring: human computer interaction, visual tracking, database management applied to efficiency during outage maintenance work in a nuclear power plant.
  • Synergistic activities: mentoring grad students, managing our research lab, co-writing grant proposals, reviewing research papers.


2013 - 2014

Universite de Caen Basse-Normandie, Caen, France

Research Fellow

Working on visual aesthetics analysis within remit of project ‘Q-Compare’.
The objective is development of novel image feature descriptors and learning methods to identify or retrieve visually interesting and aesthetic images in a huge collection. The computational pipeline utilizes several low-and mid-level image feature descriptors. This work will add a ‘perceptual’ descriptor layer on top of semantic and syntactic descriptors in computer vision.


2008 - 2012

University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom

Teaching Assistant

Teaching undergraduate students in courses: Electronics Lab project (1st & 2nd Year); Engineering Mathematics (1st & 2nd Year); Teamwork & Leadership (2nd & 3rd Year). The work includes classroom teaching, demonstration in laboratory, and final grading of semester work.


2006 - 2008

Sarnoff Corporation, Bangalore, India

Software Engineer (R&D)

  • Video stabilization using Kalman filters during camera panning and zooming.
  • Visible and Infra-Red video fusion, contributed to EO/IR camera calibration and video synchronization.
  • Biometrics based authentication for mobile phones, surveyed image based biometrics for mobile platform.
  • Image super-resolution for mobile phones with focus on single image super-resolution.
  • Number plate detection, implemented car number plate detection for low-light parking lots.
  • Large scale surveillance camera system, involved OR methods for optimizing surveillance camera system

2004 - 2006

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Teaching Assistant

Teaching grad students: Analogue & Digital Electronics Lab; Speech & Signal Processing Lab.



Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Object Recognition, Image Analysis, Signal Processing, Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Dimensionality Reduction, Pattern Recognition, Handwriting Analysis

Python, C/C++, Matlab, Java

Linux, Windows, Mac OS X


Research Dissertation

Doctoral                 Learning a Structured Model for Visual Category Recognition
Advisor(s): Prof. Josef Kittler, Prof. Richard Bowden (University of Surrey)

Formulated novel approaches to discover and incorporate semantic information into syntactic visual object recognition pipeline. Work focused on: raw and encoded feature sub-space analysis using non-linear dimensionality reduction methods; Fuzzy logic inspired learning methods to compute a visual dictionary and coding that is better suited to handle intra-and inter-class variation in large and noisy data; Bregman co-clustering to discover semantic structure in data that low-rank matrix factorization methods are unable to; and finally incorporation of the learnt semantic structure to regularize sparse coding methods to fundamentally improve the visual categorization pipeline.

Masters                  Writer Dependent Handwriting Synthesis
Advisor(s): Prof. K.S. Venkatesh (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)

Developed a handwriting analysis and individual writer adapted synthesis approach. The work focused on: statistical analysis of text corpus to optimize data acquisition; Image processing handwritten samples using segmentation, morphological, and filtering techniques; identification of significant points for spline based character skeleton synthesis; pseudo-random variation to learnt statistical parameter model to generate realistic handwritten characters.

Bachelors   De-noising Signals and Images using Wavelet Techniques
Advisor(s): Dr. G. Haridasan, Dr. Amitabha Das (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre)

Evaluated several standard wavelets and threshold techniques towards reducing noise in signals and images. The focus of the first part was discovering correlation between types of signals, types of noise, and wavelets best suited for de-noising them. The second part focussed on computing best suited non-standard wavelets by optimizing wavelet parameter space using genetic algorithms.



  • Evaluating Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Visual Categorization, Ashish Gupta and Richard Bowden, Proceedings of European Signal Processing Conference, Barcelona, 2011.
  • Unity in Diversity: Discovering Topics from Words, Ashish Gupta and Richard Bowden, Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, Rome, 2012.
  • Fuzzy Encoding for Image Classification using Gustafson-Kessel Algorithm, Ashish Gupta and Richard Bowden, Proceedings of International Conference on Image Processing, Orlando, 2012.
  • Learning Optimal Semantically Relevant Visual Dictionary using Evolutionary Algorithms, Ashish Gupta and Richard Bowden, In the 25 European Conference on Operational Research (EURO), Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012.
  • Learning a Semantically Relevant Multiple Sub-space Visual Dictionary for Object Recognition, Ashish Gupta and Richard Bowden, In Sparsity, Dictionaries and Projections in Machine Learning and Signal Processing, ICML Workshop, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2012.
  • GPS-Denied Geo-Localization using Visual Odometry, Ashish Gupta, Huan Chang, Alper Yilmaz, In the annals of 23rd International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), Prague, Czech Republic, 2016.
  • Automatic Imagery Data Analysis for Diagnosing Human Factors in the Outage of a Nuclear Plant, Pingbo Tang, Cheng Zhang, Alper Yilmaz, Nancy Cooke, Ronald Boring, Allan Chasey, Samuel Jones, Timothy Vaughn, Ashish Gupta, Verica Buchanan, In Proceedings of International Conference on Human Computer Interaction (HCII), Toronto, Canada, July, 2016.
  • Indoor Positioning using Visual and Inertial Sensors, Ashish Gupta and Alper Yilmaz, in Proceedings of IEEE SENSORS 2016 conference, Orlando, FL, October, 2016.
  • Ubiquitous Real-Time Geo-Spatial Localization, Ashish Gupta and Alper Yilmaz, in Proceedings of ACM’s Indoor Spatial Awareness conference, San Francisco, CA, October 2016.



  • Handwriting Analysis and Synthesis: Computer generated realistic writer-specific handwritten script, Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany, August 8, 2010.
  • Computer Vision Augmented Geospatial Localization, in Encyclopedia of GIS, 2nd Ed., Shashi Shekhar, Hui Xiong, Xun Zhou, Springer International, United States, July, 2016.


  • Offline Unconstrained Handwriting Recognizer Ver.2.2, selected among Top Five at I.I.T.K. National Level Open Software Contest, 2003.
  • Offline Unconstrained Handwriting Recognizer Ver.2.1, awarded Second Prize at Computer Society of India, Mumbai Student Software Project Contest, 2003.
  • De-noising Images using Scale Dependent Thresholding and Optimal Wavelets, awarded Second Prize at Computer Society of India, Mumbai Student Paper Contest, 2003.
  • Offline Unconstrained Handwriting Recognizer Ver.2.0 and Ver1.1, presented at semi-Finals of IIT Bombay National Level Open Software Contest, 2003 and 2002.
  • Offline Handwritten Cursive Script Recognition, awarded Merit Certificate at national level IEEE India Council Student Paper Contest, 2002.
  • Offline Machine Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Documents, awarded Second prize at IEEE Bombay Section Student Paper Contest, 2002.
  • Intelligent Control, awarded Third prize at IEEE-VESIT Student Paper Contest, 2000.


Leadership & Teamwork

  • Founded special interest group on ‘Dictionary Learning and Feature Encoding’ at Surrey, 2012-2013.
  • Taught in the ‘Leadership & Teamwork workshop’, University of Surrey, 2009-11.
  • Management Committee in IEEE-VESIT Student Chapter, University of Mumbai, 2001-03.
  • Technical Advisor in IEEE-VESIT, Awarded AT&T Design Prize 2001 for web based project ‘Y.E.W.C.’.
  • Conceptualized and conducted Matlab programming workshop, University of Mumbai, 2003.
  • House Captain, Awarded Annual Best House Shield, St.Joseph’s High, 1997.


Test Scores

  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), 99.36 Percentile score, March 2004.
  • Test of Spoken English (TSE), 60/60, 98 Percentile score, October 2003.
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE), 1430/1600, October 2003.
  • Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL), 283/300, May 2002.


Professional Affiliations

  • Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2000-0
  • The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2011-2013.
  • European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP), 2011-2012.
  • British Machine Vision Association (BMVA), 2010-2013.
  • Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning (PASCAL), 2011-2013.


Synergistic Activities

  • Reviewer for scientific journals: Computer Vision & Image Understanding (2016- ), Transactions in Image Processing - IEEE (2016- ), Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing – ASPRS (2016- ).
  • Reviewed for scientific conferences: British Machine Vision Workshop 2015, International Society for Photogrammetry &     Remote Sensing 2016.
  • Finalist and contribution to Columbus Start Up Weekend, an entrepreneurship special interest group in Columbus, OH.
  • Taught in the ‘Leadership & Teamwork workshop’, University of Surrey, 2009-11.
  • Technical Advisor and Management Committee in IEEE-VESIT Student Chapter, University of Mumbai, 2001-03.


Grant Proposals

  • Alper Yilmaz (PI) and Ashish Gupta (Co-I), GPS-denied Geo-localization of a UAV, submitted to NGA Academic Research Program, HM0210-14-BAA-0001, June 10, 2016.
  • Alper Yilmaz (PI) and Ashish Gupta (Co-I), Visual Geospatial Positioning using GIS/BIM, submitted to Rapid Reaction Technology Office, RRTO-16-3-RFI-01, March 17, 2016.
  • Alper Yilmaz (PI) and Ashish Gupta (Co-I), Precise Inflight Geolocalization of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), submitted to Information and Intelligent Systems: Robust Intelligence, NSF 16-581, November 16, 2016.
  • Ashish Gupta and Alper Yilmaz, UbiHere: Intelligent Ubiquitous Localization, submitted to Ohio State University’s Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) Accelerator award program, August 27, 2016.
  • Ashish Gupta and Alper Yilmaz, GreenR: Plant Disease Detection Solution, submitted to Yield Lab, St. Louis, AgTech technology accelerator award program, Oct 15, 2016.



  • Ashish Gupta. 2010. "Handwriting Analysis and Synthesis: Computer generated realistic writer-specific handwritten script." Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic Publishing.




  • Ashish Gupta. 2016. "Computer Vision Augmented Geospatial Localization." edited by Shashi Shekhar, Hui Xiong, Xun Zhou, Springer International Publishing.

Papers in Proceedings



  • Alper Yilmaz and Ashish Gupta. "Systems, Methods, and Devices for Geo-Localization." Patent number: 15/048,285