2020/03/08Pouyan Boresh Navard
2020/03/01Mike Bai
2020/02/22Bing Zhapaper 5
2020/02/15Mike Karnes
2020/02/08Shehan PereraDeep Learning for 3D Point Clouds: A Survey. <https://arxiv.org/pdf/1912.12033.pdf>
2020/02/01Guobiao Yao
2020/01/25Yuci Han
2020/01/18Jianli WeiReinforcement Learning for Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem
2020/01/11NO MEETING
2020/01/04Guanyu XuDeep learning in video multi-objects tracking: A survey <https://arxiv.org/abs/1907.12740>


DatePresenterPaper Title
2020/12/14Progress updates
2020/12/07Bing ZhaMultimodal Transformer for Unaligned Multimodal Language Sequences
2020/11/30Mike Karnes Deep Learning Models for Histopathological Classification of Gastric and Colonic Epithelial Tumours
2020/11/09Shehan PereraFew-Shot Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
2020/11/2Guobiao YaoContextDesc: Local Descriptor Augmentation with Cross-Modality Context
2020/10/26Yuci HanLearning to navigate in cities without a map
2020/10/19Jianli WeiA simple neural network for relational reasoning
2020/10/12Guanyu XuMulti - Agent Reinforcement Learning
2020/10/05Bing ZhaAttention Is All You Need
2020/09/28Mike BaiRAFT: Recurrent All-Pairs Field Transforms for Optical Flow
2020/09/21Mike KarnesClassifying, Segmenting, and Tracking Object Instances in Video with Mask Propagation
2020/09/14PouyanGuided Cost Learning: Deep Inverse Optimal Control via Policy Optimization
2020/08/31Shehan PereraAdversarial Attacks Against Medical Deep Learning Systems
2020/08/18 Jianli WeiBoundary-Aware Feature Propagation for Scene Segmentation
2020/08/11Bing ZhaNeural Subgraph Matching
2020/07/28Guanyu XuMobile robot localization using reinforcement learning map update decision by absolute indoor localization
2020/06/30Yuci HanProximal Policy Optimization Algorithms
2020/06/23PouyanDeep Reinforcement Learning with Double Q-learning
2020/06/09Mike BaiFast Online Object Tracking and Segmentation: A Unifying Approach
2020/05/13YaoKey.Net: Keypoint Detection by Handcrafted and Learned CNN Filters
2020/05/06Jianli WeiPlaying Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning
2020/04/29Bing Zha1) Vector-based navigation using grid-like representations in artificial agents 2) Emergence of grid-like representations by training recurrent neural networks to perform spatial localization
2020/04/22Shehan PereraDeep Reinforcement Learning for Visual Object Tracking in Videos
2020/04/15Guanyu XuA Bidirectional LSTM for Estimating Dynamic Human Velocities from a Single IMU
2020/04/08Akif DurduResearch on an Autonomously Tightly Integrated Positioning Method for UAV in Sparse-feature Indoor Environment
2020/04/01Yuci HanDeeper and Wider Siamese Networks for Real-Time Visual Tracking
2020/03/25Shehan PereraFew-shot Object Detection via Feature Reweighting
2020/03/18Mike BaiEnd-to-End Deep Convolutional Active Contours for Image Segmentation
2020/03/11AlperenIntelligent Traffic Signal Organization
2020/03/04Mike KarnesClass-Discriminative Feature Embedding For Meta-Learning based Few-Shot Classification
2020/02/26Jianli Wei1) Semantic Background Subtraction 2) Real-Time Semantic Background Subtraction
2020/02/19Bing ZhaAerial image sequence geolocalization with road traffic as invariant feature
2020/02/12Guanyu XuEnd to end deep Learning for IMU based odometry